1994 Jaguar XJS Floorboard Replacement

Throughout the years, with the harsh Chicagoland winters, the salt has eaten through the floorboards of this Jaguar. Owner, Leonard Senicka, has taken it upon himself to remove the rusted floorboards and fit it with a brand new original equipment pair shipped from the UK. Experienced spot welding bonded the new floorboards to the existing body panels. Application of some roofing cement around the seams waterproofed the interior to ensure no water leaks into the driver or passenger compartments. The final step included spraying down the underside with an under-body sealant, which protects the new floorboards from rusting through again. The following before and after photos will show the difference that this job makes on a vehicle. Please give us a call to get a quote on replacing your floorboards if a similar problem is happening with your automobile!







Cut Out Floorboard Panel



Applying Undercoating to Seal Floorboard Welds



New Floorboard Welded and Carpet Reinstalled


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