1970 Ford Maverick Gas Tank Modification

Custom Fuel Tank Manufacturing


One of our customers came in with a gas tank out of a 1970 Ford Maverick. This Maverick gas tank was leaking around all the center seams, and was unable to be repaired efficiently. Repairing the existing tank would have cost him over $500, and unfortunately, this vehicle did not have any available replacement gas tanks that would fit properly. A-Len knew that we could save him some money by modifying a gas tank that was available. The technicians took a larger tank out of a 1970 Mustang which had similar dimensions to the existing tank.

Luckily, in the Maverick, the gas tank sits in the trunk, allowing us to cut and weld in order to make the Mustang tank fit. This project was made easier by this due to the fact that height was of no concern to the customer, just reduced the amount of space he had in his trunk. Our radiator and gas tank specialist, Timmy, cut out a 2-3 inch band section out of the tank in order to accommodate for the existing dimensions of the old gas tank. With a little bit of welding, we were able to cap off the end that we cut, sealing the tank with the new dimensional constraints.

Though this is not a common problem in the industry, it is always helpful to be able to provide a specialized service such as this. The following pictures show a very general idea of the process by which this job was done.

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