Landscaping Equipment Repair

While we primarily focus on automotive repair, our shop at A-Len Radiator and Automotive is fit to handle repairs on specialized equipment. One of our customers needed a radiator pulled on this Bobcat unit to test for leaks. Accessing the unit was relatively easy, and once we had it out, our radiator technician was able to pressure check the unit and locate the source of the leak. Once under pressure and dunked underwater, the tank revealed that it was leaking at the seem to the header. These industrial units are relatively easy to disassemble and repair. The tank was soldered back onto the header and the unit was reinstalled in the Bobcat.

We are equipped to work on all types of specialized equipment that are used on a daily basis by many different companies. If you have any units that need special attention, please give our shop a call at (630) 852-5445, and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have on your unit. We are able to give you quotes over the phone and availability of bay space.



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