Vintage Radiator and Gas Tank Service

Before everything was able to be replaced by cheaper alternatives, the only way to fix a component was to overhaul it. A-LEN Automotive being around since 1978, is able to provide this service for customers with antique vehicles. Our radiator shop is capable of pressure checking radiators, and sourcing the problems of the leaks. Once this is determined, we are able to utilize special methods of repair to get your vehicles components back in operating order. Radiator repairs include replacing tanks, soldering tanks back onto cores, rodding out radiators to return flow back to them, or re-coring the entire unit if it is beyond repair. If you have a vintage radiator that needs a little TLC, please give us a call so we can work with you and keep your vehicle as original as possible.

Along with this service, we are able to repair hard to replace gas tanks. While we are not able to do anything with plastic tanks, any unit that is aluminum or steel is able to be repaired. We are able to boil out gas tanks and pressurize them to reveal pinhole leaks that have developed due to corrosion. These pinhole leaks are either able to be repaired by brazing over them, or by applying a liner to the inside of the tank. This liner not only seals holes, but provides a protective barrier to ensure the life of your gas tank through the years.

These repairs are able to be done on any type of units, whether it be industrial applications, agricultural machinery, motor bikes, or anything in-between. Call our office during our operating hours and let us know what type of unit you have (size and application) and we will see if our radiator shop is able to handle the repair.

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