Tubes & Hoses at A-Len Radiator and Automotive

Tubes & Hoses at A-Len Radiator and Automotive

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High Pressure Hydraulic Lines
Parts aren’t always as easy to find as you might think. Some parts, such as the tubes and hoses that carry vital fluids through your engine need to be specially manufactured. A-Len Complete Auto Service Center repairs and manufactures most fluid lines and hydraulic hoses so we can provide you with the best service in town. We are able to bend and manipulate lines, as well as crimp and collar rubber flexible hoses to your specifications.

Comprehensive services:
Manufacturing of solid tubular fluid lines up to 3¾” diameter
Manufacturing of oil or hydraulic hoses up to 1” diameter
Aluminum Air Conditioning Lines
Transmission Cooler Lines
Steel Brake lines
Rubber/Steel/Aluminum Hybrid Lines

Whether the application be vehicle fluid transfer, or earth moving equipment, the Tubes ‘N’ Hoses shop here at A-Len Automotive Service and Sales is able to replicate any line you bring in. Stop on in for a quote as well as an assessment of your lines.


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